Resetting The BIOS password

Ok Guys so many people were asking me about resetting the BIOS password. Well basically there are 5 methods am going to talk about today.

1. Using a software  ( some require ADMIN access , and If what if its Linux?  :D  )
2. Using master passwords ( different for different BIOS manufacturers )
3. Using DEBUG console  ( Doesn't work in Win 7 and above since Microsoft removed debug.exe )
4. Using cmos battery  ( regardless of any OS )
5. Using cmos jumper  (  Regardless of any OS )
I ll explain about all of them
1. There are many softwares available on internet ( For example: cmos remover ) which have database for many BIOS manufacturers , BUT they do require Admin access ,  So YOU fail here !

2.  Every BIOS manufacturing company uses Master passwords , In case you forgot yours, this can help them in accessing BIOS again even if  you forgot your password for BIOS
( What I doubt is that since everybody knows about it , So now companies have eliminated this , Still you can try out )

3. If you have  a version of windows lesser than windows 7 i.e. anything except windows 8 or 7  , then there is a command that clears cmos memory GUARANTEED , but only drawback is  BILL GATES unfortunately removed  debug.exe from windows 7. 

4.  Regardless of a Computer or Laptop , All of them have a small battery , Called cmos batteryt .... In laptop's It is usually soldered .   What  you simply have to do is to remove the battery , Keep the computer or Laptop DEAD for 10 minutes , then without battery switch on the device ...
Now again shutdown , Keep it in DEAD state for another 10 minutes . Now put the battery back its Place and switch the Device on ...................... you resetted the BIOS password  !!!

5.  Devices also have a cmos jumper , It is found on ur motherboard as battery is found , Just change its orientation .. Switch the device on , Then shut it off .  Then change the orientation back to what it was and reboot the device ................. U resetted the BIOS password  !!! 
P.S. This part only works on computers not on laptops.


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