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Resetting The BIOS password

Ok Guys so many people were asking me about resetting the BIOS password. Well basically there are 5 methods am going to talk about today.
1. Using a software  ( some require ADMIN access , and If what if its Linux?  :D  ) 2. Using master passwords ( different for different BIOS manufacturers ) 3. Using DEBUG console  ( Doesn't work in Win 7 and above since Microsoft removed debug.exe ) 4. Using cmos battery  ( regardless of any OS ) 5. Using cmos jumper  (  Regardless of any OS ) I ll explain about all of them 1. There are many softwares available on internet ( For example: cmos remover ) which have database for many BIOS manufacturers , BUT they do require Admin access ,  So YOU fail here !
2.  Every BIOS manufacturing company uses Master passwords , In case you forgot yours, this can help them in accessing BIOS again even if  you forgot your password for BIOS ( What I doubt is that since everybody knows about it , So now companies have eliminated this , Still you can try out )

How To Make Your Computer Talk Like JARVIS

You must have Windows Speech Recognition Macros installed. Follow this LINK to download it.
You Must have Watched The Movie "IRON MAN","The Avengers" and Tony Stark's Talking Computer "JARVIS". Despite being busy, I saw the movie "iron man" a few months ago and since then I was planning on making something similar to"Jarvis"

The project development on "human computer interface" and "Gestural interface" has already been started on my side, which is capable of having features like voice recognition, gestural interfaces. Some of those projects have been partially developed and working in the desired manner, but few features and modules are yet to be implemented and are on their way of completion in very short span of time.

So lets come to the body of this article.The reason for writing this post for my readers is to share what I've achieved till now in this journey of Artificial Intelligence. Here is one GIFT for …

Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Defining Artificial Intelligence   
The phrase Artificial Intelligence I, which was coined by John McCarthy three decades ago, evades a concise and formal definition to date. One representative definition is pivoted around the comparison of intelligence of computing machines with human beings . Another definition is concerned with the performance of machines which "historically have been judged to lie within the domain of intelligence" . None of these definitions or the like have been universally accepted, perhaps because of their references to the word "intelligence", which at present is an abstract and immeasurable quantity. A better definition of artificial intelligence, therefore, calls for formalization of the term "intelligence". Psychologist and Cognitive theorists are of the opinion that intelligence helps in identifying the right piece of knowledge at the appropriate instances of decision making. The phrase…