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How to build your own website


Websites are the best way to express, promote and broadcast any specific
entity. Since it is an Internet allover the world , one should take his/her step ahead with this
magic and interaction with technology.

There are numerous ways to Create or develop your website. Even Some
websites pre-maded with default
templates just edit (style) and replace it with title of your choice and job done.
In these type of websites you'll Face unwanted adds-on(web plugins) and
website providers will add their own Link in Footer or in Title, like "powered by
ABC" , "Created via XYZ" etc.In addition with it they provides a sub domain for
your website like
These are the few websites which let you building your own one.
Many Pepoles Having blogs on Blogger/Blogspot, But they They don't Know about customization and other Features of Blogger, and still using default styles o…

How to remove blackbox in sixth sense device

If you have downloaded the code from Google codes, you will find a black box covering most part of the screen, to remove this follow these steps:-

1. You need Microsoft Visual studios to remove the black box.

2. Click on WUW01.sln file ( In the folder named "code")

3. Right click on the black box which is present in the extreme left.

4. Click on the option send to back and Voila! it gets hidden. Cheers! enjoy

How to configure the software for Sixth Sense Device

I recently posted tutorial of " How to Make your sixthsense device here :
but some pepoles having problems in configure the software, so its another tutorial, i Hope it will be help full for you

1.Make sure you have Visual Studio and Direct X downloaded and installed in your pc. Extract and copy the files from to any location on your pc.

2. Now Open WUW01.sln (which is present in the folder "CODE") then click on F5 to debug it.

3.when you debug it successfully, a black screen appears with a little square box on the right just hover your mouse around it and you will find Option tabs such as Camera, Tokens and Apps.

Now lets add the color makers. Follow this video

Make your own Sixth Sense Device

How to Make you own sixth sense Device  ?? 
So you want to make your own SixthSense Device. Now what?

SixthSense is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information. HardwareSoftwareLinks / ResourcesLicense InformationHardware