Download YouTube videos without download manager

Ok guys so sometimes while watching a video on YouTube, you may feel like downloading it for future reference. Now you’ll either open your slow YouTube videos downloader software or search for an alternate solution for downloading the videos. You can use download managers software like IDM (Internet Download Manager), and other effects with Flashgot plugin for Firefox. But if you’re a Google Chrome, Opera or Safari users, then these download manager will not work for you. You can find a lot of extensions for chrome to download Youtube videos. But for others, you have to use web services like KeepVid and SaveVid. I think I covered all the common tricks people use for downloading YouTube videos. This doesn’t stop us from finding new ways to do a task. such trick which is quite simple for everyone to perform and it can be used on any browser. The trick is called as PWN trick. Don’t worry about what it means, you just need to paste it in your browser address to download videos without a need of software. In order to use this trick follow these simple steps:
  • Open the video which you want to view in your browser.
  • Click on your browser address bar, enter the letter ‘PWN’ (without quotes of course) before ‘YouTube’ and right after ‘www’, and simply press Enter
  • Now you’ll be presented with a list of services like SaveVidKeepVidClipNabber, and more for downloading both video and audio. Choose any of the services to download the video.
  • After clicking on any of the services, choose the format and quality of the video which you want to download and your work is done..


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