How to Give a Professional Look to your Desktop ?

Hi Guys !
Today we'll learn How to Make your Desktop attractive and how to convert you dull windows machine into a professional (or geek)looking desktop!
Let's Start!
1st of all you need to install Rainmeter on your desktop
you can download Rainmeter here
After downloading Rainmeter you need to download skins for Rainmeter
Some Good RainMeter skins :
1-  Omnimo 5.0
omnimo_5_0_for_rainmeter_by_fediafedia-d2mhn7l.jpg (730×1095) 
download (18.1 MB)
2- Blue Machine

3- Electric Space
electric-space_thumb.png (630×348)
How to Install it ?
Goto your downloaded Skin
right click on file and click on "install RainMeter skin"
Rainmeter+windows+8+themes.png (398×457) 
You Can add or remove widgets by right click on Desktop
for example see the picture Given below !
windows+7+best+themes.png (476×308) 
Hope you enjoyed this Post ! Please comment and share posts if you appreciate my work ! Thanks :)

Keep Waiting. In my next post I will show you how to use your computer by simply moving your fingers ;) Cheers.


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